Power BI - Visuals

Calendars using Native Matrix

Perhaps one of the most potent advantages is the Visual Calendar’s role as a native visual filter. Seamlessly linking the calendar with other visuals in your Power BI report allows for an interactive and immersive user experience. Users can effortlessly drill down into specific timeframes, gaining deeper insights into their data...

YoY Bar Chart With Variation

Compares current year vs previous year and displays the percentage change with conditional formatting, all dynamic according to the filters applied. A single chart using dax and native visuals to arrive at the final result.

Project Progress Bar

This information is crucial for planning and managing their time effectively, especially in scenarios where there are dependencies on the completion of a specific task. This visualization uses a progress bar into a table in Power BI. Adjust the SVG width height and viewbox to fit text.

New Slicer with Data Bars

Transform the new data slicer into an amazing dynamic image chart in Power BI with data bars that provides a new way to compare the actual value with the maximum.

New Cards with SVG

Contain features of the native New Card Visual to use a SVG Lollipop Sparkline, Opaque Area Sparkline and Sparkline Points that make it easy to see and compare trends quickly.